All is not lost :: Christmas 2

Luke 2.41-52

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Little lamb, not lost!

You look around and she’s nowhere in sight. You turned away just for a second. She was right there pointing out her favorite cereal in the supermarket. And now? Where is she? You call out her name. Nothing. You push the cart to the end of the aisle and look right and left. Where can she be? Mild annoyance turns to panic as you race down the aisles calling for her. You turn around again. There she is!

Do you reach down and pick her up for a big hug, so glad to have found her? Or do you scold her for not staying with you? Either way, you are relieved that she is here now. Safe.

Who was lost? She didn’t seem to be that concerned. In fact she was smiling and giggling. To her it was a game — and she was far from lost. But for you? You tell her never to do that again. And she senses the nervousness in your voice. No giggling now. You promise yourself that you’ll never lose track of her again. Ever.

How in the world could Jesus’ parents lose track of him for three days? Sure, they were with a crowd of people from their own village and everyone knows to look after everyone one else. Especially the little ones. But for three days they didn’t know where he was. Can you imagine their panic when they discovered that he was not with the rest?

Hurry back to Jerusalem. Check out every nook and cranny. The stalls of merchants. Crowded alleyways and gates and entryways. Finally the Temple. They go to the Holy Place. God’s home. There he is! Among some teachers of the Law. He is listening to their instruction. Attentive. Asking questions. Unaware that his actions have caused great anxiety for his parents. “I was here all the time,” he tells them. “Why worry? Don’t you know that I must be in my Father’s house?”

C’mon mom and dad. Get with it. You’ve nothing to worry about. I’ve been here all along. Preparing.

Still. Parents are parents. And Jesus’ parents were no less concerned for the safety of their child than we are for ours. Jesus may have been in his heavenly Father’s house, but he was still the son of Mary and Joseph and needed to be at their house, too.

Something to ponder: Have you ever been lost? What did it feel like to be found?

Link to Episcopal Lectionary for Christmas 2, Year A

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