Easter :: Alleluia!

Christ is Risen!

I always get anxious trying to come up with a sermon for Easter Day. After all, this is one Sunday when there will probably be more guests in worship than usual and thus a great opportunity is provided for me to really WOW the congregation with a sermon that will change your life!

It is also very tempting for me to dig deep into the texts we’ve been given today and glean from them some bit of wisdom that I may whip into words of such erudite profundity that everyone will be awed by the sheer magnificence of it all.

I guess I could talk up the women at the tomb who, upon hearing that Jesus was risen, just as he predicted, went and told all the disciples the wonderful news. When Peter saw so for himself, he just went home. My guess is that he was sulking because the women were right.

I could bring out the elaborate mind map on the empty tomb that I created a while back and I suppose I could do something with St. Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth. Adam the first fruits of sin and death. Jesus the first fruits of forgiveness and life. But St. Paul is much better at that sort of thing than am I.

I do want to incorporate all these things in a fabulous Easter sermon, really I do. And that, every year at Easter, is the anxiety most preachers must feel as they try to say something—anything—that will be meaningful, hopeful, joyful. Something that will forever transform the people in the pews. But how can I do that? What is there to say?

Oh yeah…




Link to RCL Lectionary for Easter Day, Year C

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