Epiphany 3 :: Fulfilling Scripture?

“Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”


Holy Island Bloom

Oh. Really?

I think that’s what I might be led to say if someone stood up in church and read from Isaiah 61—the passage which Jesus reads in today’s Gospel. What good news to the poor are you talking about? Yeah, some American captives in Iran have been released, but what about the tens [hundreds?] of millions of captives, prisoners, and oppressed people throughout the world who are still being held in bondage? And don’t get me started about proclaiming the Lord’s favor! I can think of dozens and dozens of groups who believe God favors them. And all at the expense of others.

So, yeah. I would find it hard to believe this scripture has been fulfilled in my hearing! Unless… 

Unless what we are hearing is God’s clarion call to us to make sure that these things do happen. That we bring good news to the poor by working tirelessly to eradicate the causes of poverty and desperation. That we begin to see others as our sisters and brothers, members of the same human family to which we belong, so that we treat all with equality, respect, love, and forgiveness. That we proclaim God’s favor on all of creation, not just our little corner of it.

Yeah. This way, the scripture is not only being fulfilled in our hearing, but in our doing as well.

RCL Readings for the Third Sunday after the Epiphany

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