Epiphany 5 :: It's tough being the Savior!

2011 Scotland Trip 163

Mists of Esha Ness

It's tough being the Savior of the world.

Jesus is just barely into his first few days of proclamatin' about the Really Good News and already he's cast out various and sundry demons, healed a sick momma [who, after escaping Death's grip, gets up and fixes dinner for her unannounced house guests], and tends to all sorts of ill and possessed and broken folk. Yet still he continues to cast out more demons than you can shake a stick at in his spare time [and gettin' them to hush up about it, too]. My! but the Son of God has had a busy day....

Now about that spare time.

Seems after a full day of healin' and castin' and shushin' and all that kinda stuff, God's Own needs a few moments to himself. A time to recharge his batteries and make contact with the Almighty in prayer. A time away from the demands that you normally would expect people to lay on the Savior of the world. Let's put aside all the things the world expects of him, all the stuff we think we need and that we think only he can provide. Let's just let him be. Leave him alone. He's got so much work left to do for this rag-tag bunch of folk the God he calls Daddy has chosen for redemption. Give the guy just a few minutes before he burns out.

What a great example for the rest of us! How many times have you been so caught up in the demands of your life at home or work that you came near to screaming when just one more person asked something of you? How often do you overextend and try to be all things to all people [with apologies to St. Paul]? Guess what? You aren't the Savor of the world! That job is already taken. But if even the real Savior needed a few moments of time to himself and to God, don't you think you do, too? 

Something to ponder:

When was the last time you went to a quiet place and just did nothing but pray?

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