Government: Stay out of my church!

Well, it looks like the Republican majority in the Minnesota Legislature has finally gotten its way... At least for now.

You see, they’ve been trying to push through a voter referendum to write discrimination into the Minnesota Constitution. They want to make it illegal for gays and lesbians to marry. Never mind that gay marriage is already illegal. Nope. The Repubs want to put this into the constitution. A constitutional amendment to discriminate against a group of people.

A Senate committee on a strict party-line vote has approved a gay marriage ban. You can read the story here.

So let’s get this correct: Amid all the other issues that we face in this state—a six billion dollar deficit, rising unemployment [especially among people of color], defunding municipalities [resulting in higher property taxes and cuts in local services], and gosh, even the prospect of losing the Vikings—the committee decided that discrimination against gays and lesbians was too important to pass up. Interesting that the Senate has not even really begun to tackle the other issues mentioned above.

Yep. Let’s make our government smaller by lower taxes on the wealthy and cutting much needed services to those on the margins. Let’s keep government out of business. But let’s be sure they have a place in our bedrooms.

But that’s not even the beginning of what irks me the most about this.

Marriage should not be defined by the state. If they want to define civil unions, okay, let them do it. But marriage?  Leave that to the religious institutions, please. If your church or synagogue, or temple, or mosque does not want to recognize gay marriage, fine. Don’t. But if they do, LET THEM! Who does it hurt? And don’t even try to bring up the fallacy that gay marriage destroys the family. Divorce destroys the family. Bigotry destroys the family. Adultery destroys the family. There is absolutely no empirical evidence that gay marriage does anything—ANYTHING—to hurt families.

Keep the state out of our bedrooms and out of our places of worship.

If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t marry one!

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