Holy Trinity, Batman!

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Rublev's Trinity

How does one delve into the mystery of the essence of God? If you're a second- or third-century theologian, you use some very interesting words. Tongue twisters like hypostasis, homoousios, homoiousios, mystagogical, perichoresis and the like. Trinitas is also one of those ten-dollar words. It was coined by the second-century Roman theologian Tertullian. It, of course, means Trinity.

Now, I'm no master theologian myself, but I am wise enough to understand that many Christians have a deeply difficult time trying to wrap their heads around such a concept as the Holy Trinity. How can you believe in one God who reveals the Divine Self in three separate-yet-equal "persons" and not come across as some sort of crazy person? Isn't that the result of some kind of polytheistic-cum-monotheistic mind wrangling? Trying to fit a triangular God into a circular theological exposition? Huh? What?

Okay. So it's not so easy to explain. And trying to kind of makes my head hurt a bit. So, I take it as an aspect of my faith that God reveals God's Self as Creator [of everything that is], Redeemer [of all there is], and Sanctifier [through all there is]. I experience something of the fullness of God [as much fullness as I am able to experience] in each of these ways. And yet I know that God cannot be in any way fully contained by my understanding—or anyone else's for that matter! So, instead of trying to fully understand such things, I'll stick with "Holy Trinity." At least that's easier to say than "hypostatic union"!

Something to ponder:

How would you describe "Holy Trinity" to someone?

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