Lent 2 :: "He came to Jesus by night"

Rowboat, harbor in Portree, Isle of Skye

Of course Nicodemus, a fine, upstanding member of the Jewish temple hierarchy, would not have wanted others to know that he was seeking out this upstart rabbi. After all, being a noted teacher, why should he go to Jesus and ask him important questions about faith? Didn’t Jesus earlier that week rout out the money-changers and sellers of animals from the Temple precincts? And in doing so, didn’t Jesus blaspheme the very Temple sacrificial system that Nicodemus was supposed to support? No wonder Nicodemus sought the cover of darkness!

How often is it that we, not wanting our friends and colleagues — or perhaps even our families — to know, that we too, seek answers from Christ? We look around and see that many Christians seem so sure of all the answers to the questions of faith that our faith pales in comparison. We don’t quite measure up. Maybe we even doubt. “How do I get to Heaven?” “How can I avoid Hell?” “Why do people suffer?” In the face of such uncertainty, those who seem to have all the answers appear downright smug to us.

The cover of darkness, when no one can see us, seems the perfect time to take our queries to Christ. In so doing, God speaks to us gently, reassuringly, challenging us to depths of perception that comes only through faith and trust. In such times we often discover that it is not so important what answers we receive as the relationship we find with the One who responds.

Something to ponder:

What do you seek from Jesus?

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