Lent 3 :: He knows when you’ve been sleeping… 

John 4.5-42

"Come and see a man who told me everything I have ever done!”

2009 UK Trip  437

Living water on Skye

I gotta tell ya: I ain’t so sure I like this. One. Little. Bit. Look, I know it’s true that God sees into the hearts of people. God knows our thoughts, sees our actions [even when we are alone!], discerns our intentions [even if we are unsure of them!]. In short, there’s absolutely nothing about any aspect of our lives that is hidden from the Great Seer of all.


But don’t talk about it Jesus. Don’t tell me that you know everything. I mean, it’s embarrassing. I know what I’ve done, what I’ve thought, and most of what my intentions are. And I know that you know these things. But can’t you just keep quiet about it? Do you have to remind me? Life is so much easier when you just let me go about my merry way. Don’t muck it all up by bringing up my past.

But, hey! Might that be what the Living Water is for? Could you be telling me something about washing away all the detritus of my life — cleansing me from my sin? Could it be that as long as I keep my secret faults [I think that’s what the psalmist called them] they just sit around, mucking up my life, festering and putrid like a stagnant pond? Is that why you mention my past, to get me to admit it, to own it? And then to let it be washed away in the Living Waters of your Love?

OK. I get it. But, shhh! Not so loud… 

[Our reredos cross at St. John's is draped in sackcloth, representing the penitence of the woman whose entire life was laid bare before Jesus. In confession, we lay ourselves bare to Christ and accept the willing penance for our sins. The penance of intending to lead a new life.

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