Lent 5 :: The end of Life?

“In the midst of life we are in death.” [BCP, 484 & 492]



One of the harsh realities of life is the understanding that death comes to everyone. At no time is this more poignant than when looking out the windows of a hearse and seeing that the world hasn’t stopped to grieve the loss of your loved one. Life continues despite the reality of death all around. And thanks be to God for that!

As Christians, we are a people who believe—no, who insist—that death is not the end of life. It is but the beginning of new life. We may look to the past and remember those who have gone before us or those events in the life of the community which have been foundational for its identity, but our heart is ever fixed on God who makes all things new and to Christ into whose victory over death we have been reborn in the waters of baptism. Death, decay, and brokenness are therefore rendered meaningless by the One who overcomes death, renews creation, and heals our hearts.

The anointing of Jesus by Mary in our Gospel story for today stands as a reminder for the disciples and us that even in the midst of proclaiming new life to those around him, Jesus was acutely aware of the reality of death—his death. And it was that death which became the death to end all deaths, and which, profoundly, brought about new life for all. Thanks be to God!

RCL Lectionary for the Fifth Sunday in Lent, Year C

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