Pentecost 11 :: Rambo Jesus?

Rambo Jesus!

Have you seen the Rambo Jesus figurine? Google it if you want a better picture: It's a plastic man wearing army fatigues and a white robe, with an automatic rifle strapped to his arm, a dove in his left hand, and a golden crown of thorns on his head. While you are googling "Rambo Jesus" you'll also come across other much more obnoxious images of the Son of God. There's the one with Jesus sitting on the rock of agony in Gethsemane with a rifle held upright in his left hand and a look of determination on his face. The one with Jesus showing a young boy how to properly aim a pistol is also nice. But my favorite is the billboard [yes, an actual advertising billboard] which depicts a very scantily-clad, muscle-bound Saviour, flexing his way off the cross, splintering the wood with his might. The caption? "You drew first blood, but I'll be back!"

It seems incredible to me, but two thousand years and innumerable wars later, there are some who still want to see Jesus as a mighty warrior whose return will inaugurate a prolonged period of bloodshed on those who killed him [read: Those who still don't believe]. They simply refuse to accept a Jesus who suffered in order that others might live and instead invent a monster-god who vindicates his suffering by coming back to inflict it on others.

Get behind me, Satan!


Something to ponder:

What in Jesus' message about himself do you find it difficult to accept?

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