What do my taxes pay for?

Wall to nowhere.

Just like my taxes!

As you are frantically trying to get your taxes done today, you might want to check out these nifty sites to see where your money goes:

Third Way has a nifty calculator that breaks down exactly what you pay for each item in the U.S. budget. Just enter in your tax liability and you get an itemized accounting for your tax dollars.

wheredidmytaxdollarsgo.com allows you to enter what you made [the current site is for 2009] and you get a pretty neat account of what you paid for. The site includes nifty pie charts and statistics for the reporting year.

Finally, as President Obama promised in his budget address this Wednesday, the government has put up a website that is a bit more complicated [you’ve got to enter your Social Security, Medicare, and Income taxes paid] and you get pretty much what the other sites offer, though in a much less creative format.

I must say that I find these sites quite interesting and informative. Though it would be nice if the I.R.S. would send us a receipt after we pay our taxes. I don’t know about you, but my tax payments are the second greatest expenditure I have all year [my mortgage is number 1]. My mortgage banker sends me a receipt each time I make a payment. The government should do the same.

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