Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne

A statue of Saint Aidan, 7th century Bishop of Lindisfarne, may not be an obvious choice to grace the front page of a website entitled “The Smiling Heretic.” But this holy man, who, along with his brother monks from the Abbey at Iona, established a monastic community off the northeast coast of England which was to be a center of Christianity for over a millennium. And though by no means a heretic—at least not in the traditional usage of that term—his faith and practice led him to a life devoted to God and dedicated to the service of others. In today’s world, such a manner of life may well be considered heretical, for it goes against the norms of a society more interested in personal gain and advancement than in the needs of others.

And so I dedicate this site to all the “smiling heretics” out there who choose not to follow the conventional ideas and attitudes so prevalent in our world—and in most of our faith communities! Here in these pages I hope you will find something to “click” with, be it peace and justice issues, gender, racial, and sexual equality, economics, faith and practice, or whatever. If these are important to you, great! Give me your ideas. Let’s share. If you don’t give a rip about any of this, might I suggest this fun site instead.

The rest of you… enjoy!

About the photographs on these pages: Unless otherwise noted, all were taken by me using various Canon cameras. The banner photo was taken from Staffa Isle off the west coast of Scotland. The view is looking southeast. For the full picture, click here.

By the way, the opinions expressed on these pages are solely mine and are not intended to be those of any organization with which I am affiliated or where I work.

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